You have an important responsibility to your community providing a spiritual refuge; a special place for your guests and members to marry, welcome children and celebrate life.  Protecting your house of worship and congregation, that's our responsibility.  Your religious center policy can be flexible enough to cover your volunteers, independent contractors, and medical professionals who may work with your organization. 

At Boreal Insurance Brokerage, we have carrier relationships that allow us to provide coverage to religious organizations who lease, own or lease out space.  Boreal Insurance Brokerage can insure property of any size and age.  The Philadelphia area has a prolific number of older houses of worship, many of which, have maintained their stain glass windows and ornate alters.  Boreal Insurance Brokerage works closely with our carriers to make sure these valuable treasures are insured properly.  

We'll make sure your organization has the coverage it needs to run smoothly so that you can focus on the heart of your mission. 

What's Right for Your Church?

Your Boreal Insurance Brokerage solutions consultant can walk you through the various coverage options and limits, to create the right insurance protection for your ministry.  Request a quote today. 

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